A love of history combined with deep Celtic roots led Raven to Celtic Mystical Journeys, an International tour company, years ago. Her passion for Celtic spirituality and the beautiful lands of the sacred isles combine to create unique and meaningful tours, steeped in legend and history.

In 2006 Raven moved to Asheville and found rich women’s history which she researched to create Herstory Asheville, a women’s history tour in a town that seems to attract and produce strong, independent females.

With the exception of an occasional Herstory tour led by her daughter, Haley, she leads all tours herself. These are not scripted tours and the essence of hours of interviews and research cannot be conveyed to a hired guide.

Tours are limited to groups of 10. If you are visiting Asheville and are not with a group, please call to see if you can join a prescheduled tour.